• Day rate per diem $1,500.00 completing flight operations
    (Minimum of 6 hrs of flight time per day depending on weather and maintenance)

  • Day rate per diem $750.00 non flight days
    (Travel to and from job, weather/mechanical delays, etc.)

  • International operations will be quoted on a case by case basis specifically based on the country and the operations required.

  • All Expenses
    Expenses will be itemized with receipts and provided to the client upon completion of the job including, but not limited to:

        ATC fees and Customs fees
        Lodging and Car rental
        Transportation to/from the aircraft location
        Fuel and Oil
        Aircraft parking or use of hangar
        Routine maintenance/service as required
        Repairs if authorized by the client
        VFR and IFR charts and publications
        Any required flight instruction to meet client’s insurance requirements

Every effort will be made to choose the most economical options possible for expenses.

Signed contract will be required.


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