Training & Safety

Our pilots are Airline Transport Pilots and Certified Flight Instructors in helicopters. Pilots have completed factory specific training or equivalent with real life aircraft not simulators.  All pilots are military trained Safety Officers with over 20 years of crew resource management training and detailed risk evaluations and management.

EC-120 B:
Eurocopter factory trained initial with EC-120 specific type and VEMD experience.

EC-135 P2+/T2+: Far part 135 company trained, qualified in the P2+ and T2 + type as well as Part 135 instructor pilot in the EC-135 P2+ with thousands of hours of Eurocopter VEMD operations. 

AS365 N2/N3: U.S Coast Guard Qualified in both N2 and N3 aircraft; N2 Dauphin is a varied aircraft with multiple FMS and instrument configurations. Regardless of engine type and configuration, thousands of hours of FADEC 2C2 and Eurocopter VEMD operations.

EC-155 B1: Eurocopter factory trained with 90% similarities in the AS365, as well as it being produced as the AS365N4. Thousands of hours of FADEC 2C2 and Eurocopter VEMD.

Bell 429: Bell training academy trained with WLG time. Hundreds of hours with Garmin 650/750 with four axis coupled flight director and WAAS IFR experience.

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