Having the required skills to get
through the challenges involved with
ferrying aircraft cross country and with all
our pilots having over 20 years in the United
States Coast Guard as HH-65 (AS365) pilots, we
will get the mission done. Coast Guard pilots are routinely given the responsibility to ferry HH-65s throughout the country and the Caribbean while stationed in locations such as Miami Florida, Kodiak Alaska, Puerto Rico, and all points in between.

Coast Guard missions are always time-critical and must be completed. All our pilots are retired from the Coast Guard. They have years of experience balancing mission requirements and the risks involved; with that knowledge come the tools to mitigate the risks of both environmental and terrain factors.  We know how to get the job done.

We realize that it is important to get the customer's helicopter to where they need it when they need it. With our primary pilot a corporate pilot as well as a part time EMS line pilot, it confirms our understanding of complex multi engine helicopters, and is why we specialize in flying only complex turbine aircraft. You can be assured that your aircraft will be transported with the highest level of expertise as each pilot is factory trained with thousands of hours in turbine aircraft and in cross country flying.

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